Placing scores of international exchange students in our schools every year, Cultural Bridges quite literally brings the “i” to iLEAD. These programs bring students of all grades from around the world to participate in our classrooms.

With short-term exchanges of a few days to a few weeks, and long-term exchanges of up to a full year, we locate students abroad, help facilitate their transfer to the US, find host families, and place the students in classes. We can also arrange for local cultural tourism activities.

These programs provide an unforgettably life-changing experience for the exchange student, but they also benefit our learners tremendously. They allow our learners to experience other cultures in an authentic, first-hand way, they bring global perspectives and ideas to our classrooms, and they offer diverse opportunities and lifetime friendships.


In China, the opportunity to study in the US opens the doors to other educational opportunities, as well as delivering an unforgettable experience. Cultural Bridges hosts students from all parts of China. These students have visited all of our classrooms as young as 2nd grade over the short and long term. They are always excited to participate in our classrooms and enjoy making friends with our learners. Their teachers and administrators are also very interested in learning about how our classrooms and schools work.


Several years ago, we developed a partnership with a network of schools in Mexico, Universidad Tecmilenio. Since that time, students from Tecmilenio have visited our schools every year. With dozens of locations in 18 different cities in Mexico, Tecmilenio sends students with a great variety of background and experience. However, they are always outgoing and vivacious. They enjoy participating in class discussions and interacting with our learners socially.



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