Updated February 10, 2020: Please note: Our 2020 trip has been postponed due to serious risk factors. The people of Puerto Rico remain near and dear to our hearts, and while we are disappointed to postpone this year’s relief trip, we remain energized to return in the spring of 2021 and determined to provide support throughout 2020. Using the donations we’ve raised for our 2020 BFOH trip, we will send emergency supplies to our friends in Puerto Rico.

As our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico cope with the aftermath of the recent earthquakes that rocked the island this month, we at iLEAD have been looking at further ways our community can help, and we would love if you considered joining us in sending hope to the people of Puerto Rico.

As you know, we are in the midst of preparing for our third Backpacks Full of Hope relief trip to Puerto Rico this March. While our original mission was to continue relief efforts following 2017’s Hurricane Maria, our team is now prepping to help those affected by the recent earthquakes.

And you can help.

One of the key physical elements of each Backpacks Full of Hope trips has, naturally, been backpacks full of supplies. Following the recent earthquakes, our friends in Puerto Rico are asking for items including water supplies, LED lamps, batteries, flashlights, tents, and emergency sleeping bags. So, even if your learner is not going on the 2020 Backpacks Full of Hope trip, your family can still be involved by funding supplies for Puerto Ricans with a direct backpack sponsorship.

Sponsorship levels:

  • Gold: $100 buys a backpack filled with supplies
  • Silver: $50 buys a backpack
  • Bronze: $25 fills half a backpack with supplies

Click here to sponsor a backpack. Our goal is to deliver 100 full backpacks when we travel to Puerto Rico in March. Thank you for partnering with us.