Most things in Puerto Rico are closed on Sunday. So we made Sunday a day to learn more about Puerto Rican culture and history. Thus, we got to sleep in a little; our wake-up time was 7:45 a.m. Outside, we were greeted with breakfast burritos and cereal. We began tidying up and packing for our day out exploring the culture, but also in preparation of leaving our AirBnB. Once we were packed, we began walking up the steep hill to our bus for the day. Getting onto the bus, sweaty and tired, we recharged with the cool air conditioning on our way to many cultural and historic sites. When the bus started to move down the winding roads, our tour guide began talking to us on the loudspeaker.  He documented what our day would hold as well as little facts here and there about Puerto Rico.

When our bus stopped and we exited, we were in the wonderful town of Aguada. As we began walking down the strip, we remembered it was Palm Sunday. Just then, people began walking down the streets carrying palm fronds following speakers playing calls to prayer. After watching the procession, we explored a gothic church, saw the priests’ house and walked further down the strip. Once it got too hot, we began to walk back down to the bus when we passed a man selling pastries.  Some of us stopped and got some food while others continued back to the bus carrying crepes.

After another bus ride, we arrived in Rincón. There, we walked around, overlooked local surf spots, and enjoyed the breathtaking scenery. After walking around a bit more, shopping, and buying necklaces and bracelets, we got back onto the bus and continued to our next destination.

We soon arrived at a semi outdoor restaurant for a giant lunch comprised of pizza, steak parmesan, and tostones (fried plantains). After lunch we loaded back onto the bus to explore Aguadilla. There, we walked along the coast and walked up an amazing, colorful stairway. As we ascended the building, the rain began to pour on us. Once we reached the top, we bought coconuts to drink.  And soon we were back on the bus to go back to our AirBnB to prepare for the night’s activities.

It was a special night for us; we had invited many of the people with whom we had worked this week to dinner and our reflection time. As the night began, we all relaxed next to the pool to hang out together, send lanterns into the water, and reconnect with the people we met on the Earthship day, along with our bus driver and tour guide. The lanterns were amazingly iridescent and serenely floated in the cool water as the darkness of the night set in. As we put on a talent show for our guests, everyone relaxed and watched the lanterns burn until the day came to an end.


Next, we head back to the capital, San Juan.