We started our day off at 6 a.m., rolling out of our bunk beds and walking outside into a tropical courtyard where breakfast burritos were waiting for us. After our delicious breakfast, we boarded the bus and began our drive to the Earthship PR site.

From the second we stepped off the bus, we were hit with intense heat. We all began sweating as soon as we arrived, but pushed ourselves to make it to the site. We had seen the earthships a few days prior, and already put work into the site; today, however, we were driven to work much harder. We did.

Our work began with splitting into groups. Some went to dig out stairs, others went to lay tires that would be use for structural support. As it got warmer, we started to lose energy, but all groups continued working hard. At the perfect time, it became slightly overcast and even started to sprinkle. This weather is what we were all hoping for; it created the perfect work environment and encouraged all of us to keep up the hard work.

While it was very hard work, there was a lot of fun, as well. During our lunch break, a large group of backpackers and the children of the those who work on the Earthships went on a hike. We talked, explored, and found a plethora of animals together. Following this, one of the children introduced us to their pet, a ball python who he let slither around the jungle floor. Seeing the children’s involvement with nature and animals was invigorating.

We didn’t only explore the wilderness, however. We also got to explore the culture and lives of the people running and working on the Earthship.

After all this work, we boarded the bus and headed home. Some of us went hunting for fruit in the woods while others jumped in the pool. Everyone was spending time together and participating in fun activities. We later sat down for a delicious meal of fish tacos and shared our favorite parts of the day with one another. Hearing and sharing the experiences of the day drew us all closer together and better strengthened our bond. During this sharing, we learned that tomorrow we have to get up at 5 a.m. to plant trees! We have a hard day of work ahead of us…