The 2019 Backpacks Full of Hope humanitarian service trip began with a bang as 27 backpackers rendezvoused at SCVi late at night on Monday, April 8, to caravan to Los Angeles International Airport. Traveling with such a large group is no small task, and taking a night flight makes it a little more manageable. We would soon find out exactly why it’s called a red-eye flight!

Our plane departed early in the morning hours of April 9, stopping in Houston just in time for breakfast. Most of us had been able to catch a few winks along the way, but not many. There wasn’t much sleeping on the flight from Houston to San Juan either; turbulence is a real thing.

The energy among the group, however, was still palpable as we deplaned on “The Island of Enchantment” and made our way through the airport and on to the bus that will be our main method of transportation during our stay here. As the bus rumbled across the north side of the island, some of us were able to sleep a little until we stopped at a local spot for dinner – the mofongo was EXCELLENT! Then it was back on the bus to complete our journey to Aguadilla and our base camp for the next several days as we work.

Most of us, as you might imagine, got ourselves set up and went straight to bed. But as we drifted off, we were all filled with a sense of anticipation and wonder as to what this trip might bring…

What new people will we meet?

How will we help further the relief efforts here?

What new things will we discover?

We are scheduled to work at the Earthship tomorrow, and that is always and rewardingly exhausting day. The rooster crows early! See ya soon!